DIY Denim Embroidery

For months, I was excited to try my hand at denim embroidery but could never figure out how without freehanding under a sewing machine, unsuccessfully tracing or using my horrible penmanship as an adequate enough pattern. I was stumped. Determined to find a way to transfer a pattern or letters onto denim, I went to my local fabric store to investigate. Turns out, there’s a product that will forever change your embroidery experience and that inspired me to embroider all the denim in sight. Read on, friends . . .




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Laura Aspit Livens Fall 2016

Inspired by the colors of bright Mexican doorways and Henri Matisse, British milliner Laura Apsit Livens has designed a most playful and colorful collection of cloches, berets, trilbys and boaters for fall – and quite honestly, it’s her best collection yet. The London College of Fashion alumna has adorned her hats, constructed of 100% rabbit fur felt, with colorful and playful patterns, inspired by Matisse’s iconic paper cutouts. Love, want, need . . .



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I’m captivated by the way Romanian artist Aitch toggles between darkness and joyfulness in her illustrations. Not only have designers and brands like L’Occitane commissioned her folk-inspired work, the self proclaimed nomad has created works for wedding invitations, playing cards, and her own illustrated animal book – a work currently in progress. I can just stare at her work for hours and can’t help but dream that one day, she’ll create more wallpapers so that I can cover a room with her prints.



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This Old Green Chateau

When Isabelle and Hubert Dubois-Dumée, owners of French interiors Les Petites Emplettes, found a 12th century chateau in complete disrepair, they knew they had struck gold. It took two years to restore the castle (drawbridge and moat included!) into a perfectly rustic and charming home for their family. I just love how they’ve preserved so many of the original details, not forgetting the home’s heritage. And the pops of bright green throughout give it that updated freshness it so deserves.




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